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What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your computer when you access
certain websites or other computer services. This website uses cookies and/or
similar technologies that store and retrieve information when you browse. In
general, these technologies can serve various purposes, such as recognizing you
as a user, obtaining information about your browsing habits, or customizing the
way content is displayed. The user's browser stores cookies on the hard drive
only during the current session, taking up minimal memory space and not
harming the computer. Some cookies do not contain any specific personal
information, and most of them are deleted from the hard drive at the end of the
browser session (known as session cookies).
Most browsers accept cookies as standard and, regardless of them, allow or
prevent temporary or stored cookies in the security settings.
Without your express consent - by activating cookies in your browser -
BISA STUDIO Will not link the stored data with the personal data provided at
the time of registration or purchase.
The specific uses we make of these technologies are described below. What
types of cookies does this website use?

- Technical Cookies: These allow the user to navigate through a website,
platform, or application and use different options or services available, such as
controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing
restricted access areas, remembering items in a shopping cart, completing the
purchase process, requesting registration or participation in an event, using
security elements during navigation, storing content for video or sound
broadcasting, or sharing content through social networks. The website cannot
function properly without these cookies, so they are considered necessary and
do not require your consent.

- Personalization Cookies: These allow the user to access the service with
some predefined general characteristics based on a set of criteria on the user's
terminal, such as language, type of browser used to access the service, regional
configuration from which the service is accessed, etc. If the user chooses these
characteristics, for example, by selecting the language flag, it is considered a
service expressly requested as long as the cookies solely serve the selected
personalization purpose. Like the previous case, these cookies do not require
your consent.

- Analytical Cookies: These are either processed by us or by third parties, and
they allow us to quantify the number of users and perform statistical
measurement and analysis of how users use the offered service. We analyze
your navigation on our website to improve the range of products or services we

- Advertising Cookies: These are either processed by us or by third parties and
allow us to manage the advertising spaces on the website as effectively as
possible, adapting the content of the ad to the content of the requested service
or your use of our website. For this, we may analyze your browsing habits on the
Internet and show you advertising related to your browsing profile.

- Behavioral Advertising Cookies: These allow the most efficient management
of the advertising spaces that the editor has included, if applicable, on a website,
application, or platform from which the requested service is provided. These
cookies store information about users' behavior obtained through continuous
observation of their browsing habits, enabling the development of a specific
profile to display advertising based on it.

- Social Media Cookies: These cookies may be stored in your browser while you
browse this website. The companies that generate these cookies for social media
have their own cookie policies. If you want more information, we refer you to their
respective policies:
● Twitter Cookies (Privacy Policy and Cookie Use)
● Pinterest Cookies (Privacy Policy and Cookie Use)
● Linkedin Cookies (Cookie Policy)
● Facebook Cookies (Cookie Policy)
● Instagram Cookies (Cookie Policy)
● Google+ and Google Maps Cookies (Google Cookies)

Information on how to accept, deny, or revoke consent for the use of
By expressly accepting or configuring and subsequently accepting the cookies
on this site, you consent to the processing of the information collected in the
manner and for the purposes mentioned above. You also acknowledge the
possibility of rejecting the processing of such data or information by rejecting the
use of cookies through the appropriate settings in your browser. However,
blocking cookies in your browser may not allow you to use all the features of the
website optimally, and some functionalities may be limited.
Children under 14 years of age must have the consent of their parents or legal
guardians. You can allow, block, or delete cookies installed on your device
through the internet browser's settings menu, configuring it to block cookies or
alert you when a server wants to save them. The following links provide
information on how to configure and/or disable cookies for each of the major
browsers in the market so that you can decide whether to accept the use of
cookies or not:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings.
- Firefox: Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies.
- Chrome: Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy.
- Safari: Preferences > Privacy.
- Safari for iOS (iPhone and iPad): Settings > Safari.
- Chrome for Android: Settings > Site Settings > Cookies.

Information on Data Transfers to Third Countries:
This website does not transfer personal data to third countries.

Data Retention Period:
The cookies will be used solely and exclusively for the time necessary to fulfill the
purposes for which each cookie has been indicated. Therefore,

BISA STUDIO has adapted the retention periods of its own cookies
Regarding third-party cookies, the retention periods can be consulted in their
Privacy Policies, as well as in the table in the section "Who Manages These
Cookies?" Once the cookie has expired, it can be renewed if the user accepts its
use again.
BISA STUDIO reserves the right to modify this cookie policy if changes are
made to their configuration and/or use, which will be published on this same
If you want more information about data protection, you can refer to our Privacy
Policy or contact us via email at

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