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All items for sale on this site are branded through Bisa Studio and registered office in  Calle Alcalá núm, 58 .28014 Madrid ( Spain).These general conditions of sale apply to all orders through our website www.bisa-studio.com by private individuals and not companies. The purchases made, therefore, imply the acceptance of the following conditions of sale when placing your order. Bisa Studio reserves the possibility of modifying these conditions of sale according to the needs and variations of the company and its available products. However, these conditions will be present and are subject to acceptance by the customer at the time of ordering.
If you have any questions please write to: info@bisa-studio.com

Intellectual Property Legal Notice Bisa Studio, with its registered office at Calle Alcalá, No. 58, Floor 1, Left Door, 28014 Madrid, Spain, is the owner of all intellectual property rights on this website and its contents, including but not limited to texts, images, designs, logos, and any other element susceptible to protection. The reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation, in whole or in part, of the contents of this website are expressly prohibited without the express written authorization of Bisa Studio. Any unauthorized use will be considered a violation of intellectual property rights and may lead to legal action. All designs, images, texts, and brand elements on this website are protected by current intellectual property legislation. Bisa Studio reserves the right to take all necessary legal actions to defend its rights. To obtain authorization for the reproduction or use of any content from this website, please contact us through the contact information provided on this site.

The design of the website, its content, trademarks, and logos are owned or licensed by the owner of this website, and are subject to intellectual property rights as established by law.
Any act of transmission, distribution, assignment, reproduction, storage, or total or partial public communication requires the express consent of the owner.
The user is not authorized to, merely by way of example: distribute, modify, transform, assign, make available to the public, or carry out any other activity that has not been expressly authorized, concerning the elements and contents mentioned above, including the computer codes of any elements on this website.

The user's use of information and content from the platform can only be for private use.
The User may view the elements of the Platform and even print, copy, and store them on the hard drive of their device or any other physical support, solely and exclusively for personal and private use. Therefore, its use for commercial purposes, distribution, as well as its modification, alteration, or decompilation are prohibited.
However, as an exception to what is indicated in the previous point 2, the User is allowed to share content related to the Platform through social media, using actions such as "tweet, retweet, share, blog," or similar, as long as the ownership of Bisa Studio or the mention of corresponding individuals is respected.

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